As you have already heard Ruede’s favorite tunes from last year, in his guest mix on the radio show, it would definitely be cool to know something more about him. If you are crazy about Berlin, I’m sure you will be reading something that you will find interesting. He was born near the capital of Germany and moved inside the city in 2000. Ruede Hagelstein immediately had become connected to dirtiness and glory of Berlin’s dancefloors. He was all into it, writing for web-agencies and night-guide magazines, editing the FLYER Magazine about clubbing culture or starting a partyforum. Soon after, making music led him to residency at the Watergate club where he is part of the family today. His output is mainly signed by them and Souvenir Music, the label is runned by Tiefschwarz, while his vinyls, as one half of The Cheapers, can be found on Upon You and Bar25.

Kristijan Molnar: As we continue, hi Ruede, how are you? How are things going on your side of the screen?

Ruede Hagelstein: 2014 starts with no beer, less djing, more sport. I feel good.

KM: Last year around this time you were preparing the Watergate mix and now you are building up your own live setup. To me, that sounds like you had a good year. How did your 2014 start out when your tried performing a live set for the first time?

RH: I had my first live set at Watergate’s NYE. It took far more preparation, than I expected. But it went very well. Actually I’m only afraid of a computer crash while playing. In the end it was a test, if I wanna keep playing live. I decided yes, because it’s an interesting way to work with my own music.

KM: What was your approach to it and will you keep upgrading it? Is there some piece of metal & wood that you would love to have near you?

RH: Two years ago I was touring with my band project „The Noblettes“, pretty fresh experience! It inspires my techno live set now. The idea is not to play the same shit everytime, I want to add some more live instruments, some singing, some wood and metal…

KM: I’m sure that the studio is your favorite place to be. What are you doing inside of it at this moment?

RH: Actually I’m answering your questions : ) The other day I’m working on my first solo album and on stuff for my side project „The Cheapers“.

KM: Beside your work in studio, are you going out to hear some DJs often? There are so many good things to hear there, but again you have been there for many years.

RH: Nah, I’m not going out that much. DJing means party all the time. It is far enough with my gigs. I love nature and silence and some computer games, more than other DJ sets.

KM: Whose set blew your mind recently?

RH: Innervision crew never fails.

KM: How do you see Berlin now compared to when you started? A lot of styles have changed in that period and now it feels very strong.

RH: Berlin changed really a lot. I remember the 90s, after the wall came down. Young people from east and west got together in techno clubs. It was a peaceful movement. But it turned into a more commercial thing, like Hip Hop, like Rock, you know. Even clubs went kind of commercial, Bar25, Berghain. It is the way of life. We still have a lot of underground here, but with a big number of international known clubs, bars and locations. I’m enjoying the high quality of music and architecture, some people don’t like it.

KM: Watergate X – The Movie was posted in full lenght in December and at the end of it we could hear a lot of support from many guys including you. That club showed great music through these years. I would love to hear Henrik Schwarz on the river for example. What is being prepared there at the moment and what was your advice for them? Seems like they really love their DJs.

RH: The Watergate works as a big team. Everyone can bring ideas, DJs, runners, bookers.. Sierra Sam is planning a special live recording session with KiNK on the dancefloor, for example. I feel like I can do everything, too. The best spot for my upgraded live set.

KM: What brings you mental memories of Watergate upstairs?

RH: Big room, hot lights, hands up, huge sound!

KM: And downstairs?

RH: Morning time, sunrise, river, snowing, raining, more vodka.

KM: Best night in Panorama Bar?

RH: Always a pleasure. But hard to rate.

KM: Some other clubs too? Where would you bring us?

RH: About Blank, Wilde Renate, Klunker Kranich, Ritter Butzke and the upcoming new venue at Holzmarkt Straße (Bar25 guys).

KM: And for the end, as vinyl stands strong in your city, what are your 5 favorite releases you bought on wax recently?

RH: Hm. I don’t remember that. It’s to long ago. I was one of the first djs with cd players. Vinyl is fine, for everyone who loves it. I still got a good stack of Vinyl, but I don’t buy it at the moment.

KM: OK, big thanks for sharing your time and music with us, hear more from you soon!
P.S. Were you in that famous hotel room when Dixon and Âme played “Black Bell” by The Cheapers?

RH: Tell me more, I never heard about that party?

KM: That happend during ADE 2012 in Dixon’s hotel room, recorded by Boiler Room. Pillow fight and amazing music. Check here at around 2 hours and 10 minutes:

RH: Thanks! : )