It’s been only a matter of time until Amsterdam’s duo Juju & Jordash, once again, meet up with one of our favorite Germans, Move D. Plugged synths and machines, diving through cables, dirty fingers, head-banging and sweating is what makes them smile like kids in the sand. When you add smoke in the air, it’s not a childhood playground anymore; it’s their studio/club around the corner, likely somewhere in Heidelberg. The result is what makes us dance. As you might already know, the magical trio just released four cuts featured on their third EP “Tiny Breadcrumbs” on Off Minor Recordings.

Their session starts by turning on “Suub“, a distorted techno jam that should teleport you into a murky, hot room and after seconds you’ll be surrounded with lost minds and concrete. It’s not something that will strike charts, it’s not made with that point, but after two and a half minutes when the machines starts screaming and howling, the enormous sub fuses in, it seizes you and puts you on their ride.Riptide” represents their techno to house connection, armed with humming pads and constant four-tone repetition that will sedate you for almost 10 minutes. You will journey through mountains. The B-side shares a similar pattern although a little darker. Beginning with an infectious and attention-grabbing techno track named “Avalanche” and closing with the somber aesthetic, no compromising mix of “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina“.

If you find yourself lost in the high roads of the magic mountains between Rome and Foligno, grab your copy while it’s still in the stock.