stella maris ep

Rubini’s third release on Degustibus Music drops down into an outter space that these boys have lovingly created for their label. Crafting house and techno that show their individuality brought them support from Mano Le Tough, Tale Of Us, Âme, Barnt and many others in the meantime.

For their 13th release Rubini pulls off an alchemy he’s managed before, producing something warm and delicious, but yet melancholic and remarkably distinctive. With the perfect dose of dancefloor evilness, especially when it comes to arrangment, the title track rides with the kosmische arpeggios, shuddering bass and child playground voices in the back. Wave-like sounds and a seagul appears to prove you the glance of ”Stella Marris”. Theme version bloom into the witching hour weapon after each second, while Reprise is there to fit your intro/outro needs.

On the B-side Rubini brings us the memories and intimate ambient that we could hear on his previous Degustibus EP named ”Le Cahier De Occelli”. “Basic” is straight, gently glowing 4/4 swayer and it has canny balance of subtle, slow-burning composure.

A-side has already been spinned two times on the Christallization Radio Show and we will hear it again tonight. For your listening pleasure, Rubini recorded his exclusive guestmix.

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