Talaboman - Sideral

Barcelona native John Talabot and Studio Barnhus‘s boy Axel Boman of Sweden had a point in life, a few years ago, when they both lived in the capital of Catalonia developing their musical journey. Together they had found inspiration in “Sideral”, real name Aleix Verges, a popular DJ beneath the city’s real underground scene, playing awesome records. Unfortunately, this story comes with a calamitous end as Aleix sadly passed away in 2006.

To show their respect as true followers, Talabot and Boman teamed up in the studio connecting Barcelona and Stockholm’s musical cultures, their own Hivern Discs and Studio Barnhus imprints and their names resulted with the simple and effective Talaboman inscription. The original version which can be heard in Talabot’s DJ-Kicks mix is a glorious 8 minute lost march through The Ciutat Vella as castanets and shakers bounce off the walls, superiorly crashed as they feel. Leaden bass, breathtaking hook, melancholic back and chaotic synth sweeps and modulations transforms this black storm of feelings to the dance floor, it’s stunning. On the other side, Köln-based warm-humming-sound master Matt Karmil turns this record towards an even darker direction. Arranged and made to perfection his weighty drop will dare you to play it. The digital release is coming out with an additional version named BCN which is a bit brighter than others. You can expect this vinyl in the shops on August 8th, it really deserves a buy if you love these guys. Digital formats will follow later in the month and for those who can’t wait to hear it, tune into Christallization tonight.

1. Sideral
2. Sideral (Matt Karmil Remix)
3. Sideral (BCN Version) (digital only)