howling transmodern

After their hugely immersive success with “Howling” in 2012, Frank Wiedemann, one-half of Âme, and Ry Cuming decided to make a band name out of it. The band was born with this composition, so the name came kind of a naturally. Since then, the duo met in the studio a few times per year for a brief break between their insane tour schedule, mostly Frank’s, and after the “Shortline” they came up with this new gem. Actually not that new, but recently released on wax, their re-interpretation of Nirvana is finally here, wowing us!

Emotionally-wrenching as always, but strong enough for my taste, Howling‘s music is crowd-pleasing and charming. Wiedemann’s superiorly crafted beats that always work irresistibly on the dance floor bounded with Cuming’s heavenly voice turns as a winner. Of course, Berliners had the chance to hear this first, while others could have caught it on Boiler Room or some other stage perfromance on planet Earth, but after the high amount of requests they answered the call. As you can expect, this version is different than the live one, but its hypnotic potential isn’t lost. “Smells Like Teen Spirit” is deep, slowly progressive and its rich tune seamlessly forwards to a 9 minutes long take. You will be lost. Their refined sense for tension makes people act like the school-kids from Nirvana’s video. Yes, it’s true, some guys were jumping like that when I played it for the first time. It doesn’t fit well with Howling’s music, but it is more than fun. Did Howling have the same situation? Maybe, I will try to find out soon, but for now I can only recommend that you buy this first installment on Transmodern. It’s a pure joy while we wait for their debut album scheduled for release early next year. Available on Muting The Noise now.

1. Smells Like Teen Spirit