One of the biggest and most beautiful festivals in Serbia, Love Fest, is starting its 3-day madness at 18h today. They have changed the venue for this year and they expect around 10 000 visitors per day which includes you. We are all praying for Sun, but even the rain won’t stop us from dancing on four stages in front of some of the biggest names on the scene – Jeff Mills, Robert Hood, Levon Vincent and a bunch more.

Video – Love Fest Promo Party at Barutana, Belgrade:

This year Love Fest will take its open-air place near the lake in Vrnjacka Banja, where they placed four stages – Fire, Energy, Live and Silent Disco. The focus is mainly on electronic music, both commercial and underground, but you can also enjoy some favorite local hip-hop and rock bands. Their huge lineup has been announced a long time ago, so I’m sharing only the two things you will need for the next three days – the timeline and a map of the festival. In case you missed it, Boris Werner joined the Christallization last week, so enjoy his selection on the way to Vrnjacka Banja and do not miss him on Friday night over there. See you in the crowd.



Love Fest Map: