The sons of the Berlin LACK crew stay true to the message ‘don’t forget where you come from’ and surely they are right on the point. Pressing their third release, the first one in a series of ”Berlin House Music” with Pablo as the protagonist, they continue delivering pure analogue jams. Their new vinyl comes with four of Pablo’s twisted-house, heavy-bass and deep-underground productions and each copy is a unique hand-written piece distributed by Muting The Noise.

It’s been months since we heard “Roxy” for the first time. The time when we all immediately fell in love with the label. Afterwards, Pablo’s tunes had been secretly road-testet and championed by Dixon, Âme and a few friends. The one that stood out is the title track here, based on pudgy kicks, bumping two-notes bass and a breathless, hypnotic synth line that reaches its staggering heights and far beyond. The strong song that will soon be widely and rightly considered as one of his best. The rest of the EP is not that tense, as “Na” calms things down for a 6 minute ride with a swingy melody, sweet reverbs and short delays while “Je Sues” on the other hand shows Pablo’s funky behavior. Pom-pom-boom bass, seductive French like whispers and open hi-hats turns this one into a perfect “summerish” pick. Part one of “Berlin House Music” finishes off with “Horses”, a rattle and lurching tune that should fit any DJ’s taste to keep the dancefloor moving forward or close the set, but not the night. Christallization will present this release on radio tonight or you can hear the snipets here. Grab your copy at Muting The Noise or Phonica Records now or try out your luck and wait for “Roxy” repress next week if you want the bundle. Of course, this is not the end, LACK boys are preparing more surprises and will takeover the show very soon.

1. Wrong Copy
2. Na
3. Je Sues
4. Horses