Recently Simon Haydo‘s name is popping-up everywhere and what’s even better his music can be heard all around. It’s not hard to see Facebook statuses between Âme’s Kristian and Maeve’s head honcho Mano Le Tough talking about his newest vinyl and how it rocked the dance floor last weekend. How did that happen? After years of holding a residency at Stockholm’s beloved “Kruthuset” parties Simon started producing music and it seems like he immediatelly found his sound. In 2008 Stockholm LTD signed his debut release that led him further to his very own DEM imprint, Studio Barnhus, Balans and Berghain‘s DJ booth. As you can’t find many words behind this talented DJ and producer, he shared a few with us today.

Khm khm, Simon, am I right, everything started with the long “Kruthuset” nights?

Hmm… what we can say instead is that “Kruthuset” was a very important place for me as a DJ. For the first time in my life I felt I could play music not only to make people dance but also to challenge peoples mind. Total musical freedom, so to speak.

That should be one of the most important things for a DJ. When you feel that freedom and let yourself go, it kind of challenges your mind too.

Yeah, exactly. And when it’s a challenge for your own mind, it forces you to work harder and to be more focused, that should ultimately lead to a better music experience.

Is there some “Kruthuse” party that often comes back to your mind?

It’s very difficult to point out a single party since the vibe, crowd and locations were amazing at almost all of them, but one new years eve a few years back was certainly one of the better ones. I had a time slot between something like 05-09 in the morning which fitted me very good since I in the end like to take things right down the abyss.

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The end was at 09 or? It almost sounds like it was a secret party.

Let’s put it this way. The end should have been at 09, someone else took over after me and played music that shouldn’t have been played that morning…

Do this nights and mornings still exist?

“Kruthuset” is over. It finished at exactly the right time.

When you look at the Swedish music ground far from there, it looks very interesting and funny in some way. Yes, you have an insane commercial, EDM or whatever scene, super famous heavy-power guitar bands but also some of the most respected electronic labels. How does it look like from your perspective? Is it hard to do a label and make parties over there?

From what I can see, hear and feel is that when it comes down to music it sounds very good at the moment. In fact, Sweden has been exporting a great amount of Techno for many years now. I’m not going to name anyone but the list of very talented artists and great labels can be made very very long.
When it comes to your question regarding labels and parties, my opinion is that it’s not difficult to do any of them but its damn hard to do them well.  

DEM - LogoGood point Simon and why did you start your own label? What was your vision?

In reality the idea to start my own label was not my own, it was Stockholm LTD’s Pär Grindvik who came with it. After thinking about it it felt good so I went ahead with it. Basically I started DEM because I wanted to have a platform where I could release my own music in whatever pace I liked, not to be forced to adapt to others release schedule.

There is an idea of a seven week gap between each release on DEM. Seven like completeness and perfection? Does that also mean that we can expect a new one from you very soon?

Hahaa I’m not sure about the completeness and perfection thing, It’s more that I’m really for continuity and consistency. The initial idea was to make 10 releases, 3 tracks for every EP (therefore the track numbers 1-30) and to release them every 7 weeks. They are all out now so there will be no more DEM, at least not in that form.

So how do you see it in the future? You said initial idea, does that means it changed on the way?

During these 10 releases the idea was always the same. What I meant more was if I ever continue with DEM it will be in a different way. I will let DEM sleep for a while and then take it from there.

Ok and before you started DEM, what was your goal? Producing the music? You bought some equipment and just started playing with it, looking for advices, manuals etc?

Exactly, i bought a Mac, Logic Pro and a few Plug-ins and just started to explore them, knowing nothing about computers and softwares. This was around 2008, it wasn’t until 2012/13 that I really went for it full time though. I’m not a very technical person, although I have now added a Tempest and an Ms-20 the Mac and Logic was and still are the heart of my setup.

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Did you want some specific sound and workflow in your studio?

Knowing that it would come automatically, I wasn’t worried at all about finding a specific sound for myself. My aim was always much more to find a good workflow. Which i did with the DEM project and which I’m very happy about now when I’ve delivered the releases. This has given me the confidence to further explore sound and production.

It sounds like you feel very comfortable with your equipment. What’s the next step in your transcendetal techno?

I’m comfortable but there’s still much more to learn. I wish i could give you a more concrete answer about where I’m heading musically, but I’m afraid that time has to tell that.

Will you collaborate more with Studio Barnhus? What did Boman, Kovacs and Nordkvist say when they heard you for the first time? Same reaction as Muting The Noise crew?

Yes, there will be more Studio Barnhus EP’s coming. I have in fact one confirmed for the end of this year (a track from that one will be featured on the mix tonight). The guys at Barnhus, Âme’s Kristian and a few others have from the begining been very supportive of my music. Thanks for that guys!

Where do you bring your vinyl bag next, beside my radio show tonight? You played at Berghain in February, do you still have goosebumps?

Berghain was and still is my first and only international gig so far. Perhaps there will be more of that in the near future. We will see.

Ok, and for the end, you promised a bit more experimental mix for tonights episode of Christallization? What will we hear?

Yes, my aim was to go more experimental but I changed my mind in the end. It’s Techno, it’s Electro and in some parts something more alternative than what you usually hear at clubs. Alongside more known names, tracks by myself, Crystal Maze, Jeremiah R, Minor Science and Never on Sunday will all be featured.

Great, thanks Simon, we will keep our eyes on you.

Hope you like what you hear and thanks for inviting me to this show.