There is a lot to find out and read about Nuno Dos Santos, a Portugal-born Dutch national DJ and producer. But there were probably even more thoughts in his mind when he was walking down the Wibautstraat a few weeks ago. Let’s try to evoke his feelings from his walk back from Trouw that night. It was his last night in Trouw and he had a lot coming the following days. Do you think it was the memory of a feeling, song or maybe goosebumps that he had thinking of special moments throghout his career? Ok, answer quickly and see you at DOT tonight.


I had my own graphic company for a really long time, where I designed posters and such. Im still a big fan of Graphic artwork. Love the work by Delta.

Club 11 & 360

Still holds a warm place in my heart. It’s one of the first clubs where I really felt comfortable with and where i started to run the 360 nights together with good friend and colleague Patrice Baumel. These nights where so much fun. We brought electronic/indie artists like The Field, Modeselektor, Apparat, Lawrence and Electro Guzzi for the first time to the capitol.


Something Happening Somewhere.

The releases but also the line-ups of the events are really an extension of my own taste in music. Im really happy about all the positive feedback I got so far, its been really overwhelming.

Boiler Room.

Incredible crazy first experience at Trouw last week. Can’t wait to have my set online as im pretty happy with the result.

Time Warp.

I remember the first edition of Time Warp here in Holland in 2008 when Laurent Garnier played a 7-hour closing set. Incredible set, danced the complete 7 hours. Performing there last week in Utrecht was really great!

Olaf Boswijk.

One of the main persons who has supported me in so many ways over the last years. Im really happy to be able to say that we are good friends and I wish him the best of luck with all his future projects.



The end of an era. It has been the place where I got the chance to really evolve myself as an artist and be part of so many great things. Together with the whole crew we have grown as a family and the connection and memories with those people, artists and everyone who was a regular at the club will always stay. End of the year I release a tribute track to Trouw on a special vinyl together with other residents of the club (you can order it on the Trouw website).


Playing Belgrado for the first time tonight and super excited! Already quite fell in love with the people and city.