Christallization 172 with Tijana T

Tijana T, a leading madame DJ of the Serbian tough techno scene was previously known as the EXIT Festival’s TV face, Radio B92’s selector or a talented vocalist on many EPs of Abe Duque, Marc Houle and Gebruder Teichmann. But, at the moment, that’s her past. Now she as busy and prolific as she always wanted to be. Yes, she is living a dream. To make a long story short, she is now a regular in the world’s finest undergrounds spaces, where she makes people dance to good music with her impact sounds. She is all around the world. From Panorama Bar to The Block or Arma17, Boiler Room and Mixmag’s The Lab LND. In the darkness or in the front of cameras. Even with that hectic schedule she found one free hour to step up and offer us a window into her current musical world with a real sense of urban paranoia. Turn it up, dance and join us in Belgrade for the party with Heidi and Kim Ann Foxman. This Saturday. This is just a beginning.

Selection of the first hour includes the future releases from Kiani & His Legion with fantastic Fatima Yamaha remix on Dutch label Something Happening Somewhere, I:Cube version of Cosmo Vitelli, magnificent Suzanne Kraft, Joe Claussell and Dodi Palese or that shining vinyl only tunes from FRAK and Tuff City Kids.

Playlist – Kristijan Molnar:

Kiani & His Legion – Electric (Fatima Yamaha Remix) – SoHaSo
Cosmo Vitelli – A Cruel Story (I Cube Remix) – I’m a Cliche
Cobby & Mallinder – Vitamin C (Max Pask Dub) – Throne of Blood
Suzanne Kraft – DJ Safety Track – Kitjen
Ghost Culture – Multiply – Phantasy
Away Soundsystem – Through the Pain (Joe Claussell’s Modulated Tortured Dub) – AWAY 
Dodi Palese – C-Beams – Connaisseur Recordings
FRAK – Synthfrilla – Dark Entries
Patrick Bishop – Un (Tuff City Kids Remix) – Philomena

Playlist – Tijana T:

Not available.