Christallization 173 with Antonio Zuza

Antonio Zuza is one half of the promising Imogen Recordings. The Croatian DJ co-runs it with Ilija Rudman, his great friend in crime who helped him to make a record with his band Bubbin’ Dub back in 2010. They ended up with a tune on House Sound Recodings’ compilation beside names such as Virgo Four, Andy Ash, Mat Chiavaroli and that is exactly where this great Imogen story starts. Since that extraordinary experience they continued developing their musical journey together and today their label is a homebase for many of the future sounds of Brand New Heavies, Dos Palos, Charles Webster, Chez Damier and of course their own music. As they just recovered from the latest Imogen label night where they presented Charles Webster to Zagreb’s audience, Antonio served up a dusty after party mix. It’s a memorable affair of gently sounds and nostalgic house over the course of an hour.

These are the names to blame for a dancing action in the first hour: Rebolledo, Khidja, Pale Blue, Stimming, Tlak (new Denis Horvat’s alias), Midland, Kader Yani and Superpitcher.

Playlist – Kristijan Molnar:

Pale Blue – One Last Cowbell – 2MR
Jonny Sender – Zhivago Zhivago (Khidja Dub) – Codek
Yula Kasp – Leisure (Rebolledo Remix) – Kill the DJ
Stimming – 22 Degree Halo – Diynamic Music
Tlak – To The End – Sum Over Histories
Midland – Blush – Graded
Kader Yani – Hayal – Semper Memor
Jolly Mare – Hotel Riviera (feat. Lucia Manca) – Bastard Jazz
Superpitcher – More Heroin – Kompakt

Playlist – Antonio Zuza:

Roy Ayers – Shining Symbol – Polydor
Vakula – Joiwind – Leleka
Mos Def – Umi Says – Rawkus
Ilan Kabiljo – Cool Nights – Imogen Recordings
Total Contrast – Sunshine (Instrumental) – London Records
Sade – Turn My Back On You (Extended 12” Mix) – Epic
Dazzle – Interlude – Peoples Potential Unlimited
Ashanti – Rock Wit U (Instrumental) – Murder Inc Records
Natasha King – AM/FM (Instrumental) – Baby Records
T.C. Curtis – Take It Easy (Dub) – Virgin
Chaka Khan – Where Are You Tonight – Warner Bros. Records
MFSB – Manhattan Skyline – TSOP
Dos Palos – Lady Of The Westway (Ilija Rudman Higher Ground Remix) – Imogen Recordings