Interview with map.ache

Map.ache1 Hailing from Leipzig, map.ache is a unique soul on dance music scene, avid digger that everybody are putting a spotlight on recently. You can often find him drinking beer in the district Connewitz and chilling around a skate park next to the famous Conne Island club. It's his favourite place to dance or play, sometimes for even 33 hours and almost always alongside his label mates Sevensol (Alex Neuschulz) and Bender (Dennis Knoof). His real name is Jan Barich, he co-runs label KANN, operates as a part of the DJ duo Manamana with Alex and he finished the last year with majestic record The Golden Age. It's released on the favourite label of the freaks of the night - Giegling. So now, as a big lover of both imprints, I'm more than happy to present him on the radio show and if you want to find more about this great guy, check our interview on the link below. Do not forget to press play.

Interview with Kamera

kamera2 James Welsh, better known as the producer and DJ Kamera, can’t grow a beard, but he can make unusual grooves, drone riffs, play electric instruments or just take you on a journey of his experimental instinct and thundering, industrial but yet hypnotizing, sensuous sound. He is in love with wine, the nature of Mallorca, The Prodigy Experience and as you are listening to his mix that he recorded for us, we discuss his connection with Erol Alkan and Phantasy Sound, his latest record and approach of unifying disparate styles of dance music that The Chemical Brothers support.

Interview with Cleveland

cleveland There is not much information around about this Luxembourgian house and techno producer, except what you could hear from his friends and the scarce info online. You can find only 8 hours of his vinyls and selections on the web. How many times have you heard his records here and there or have you maybe danced your ass off to his live sets at Robert Johnson? Batti Batti is a music label from Malta and if you’re not familiar with it or you’re not a hardcore follower of music that John Talabot, Giegling and the WHITE boys play in clubs, don’t worry. This is all part of the demanding and sophisticated yet simple plan of Cleveland project – to focus on listeners that adhere to quality music.

Interview with Die Wilde Jagd

DWJ 1 Pferde (credit Chrisa Ralli)

A few months ago, in the middle of May on a Saturday night, a phantasmal, dreadful group of hunters on horses arrived from the netherworld to Belgrade. Under the red lights of 20/44’s penetralia the Die Wilde Jagd (The Wild Hunt) story was played. Of course it’s just a German folk myth that Ralf Beck and Sebastian Lee Phillip used for their band name, but surely it’s connected with the music they play. Some people call it Krautrock, a monotonous playing of guitar loops, drums, machines and synthesizers built to elegant lunacy.

Interview with Frivolous

frivolous 4Daniel Gardner is the mic technician, unfearful traveler, piano player and electronic musician who has been riding crazy on the wings of his Frivolous project for the last few years. After his first appereance in Serbia at the Mad In Belgrade festival last year, he is flying back and this time we will have a chance to catch him in the more intimate atmosphere of KC Grad. Before he arrives and we turn it into a club, it’s time for virtual coffee and cigarettes.

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