Talaboman – Sideral

Talaboman - Sideral

Barcelona native John Talabot and Studio Barnhus's boy Axel Boman of Sweden had a point in life, a few years ago, when they both lived in the capital of Catalonia developing their musical journey. Together they had found inspiration in "Sideral", real name Aleix Verges, a popular DJ beneath the city's real underground scene, playing awesome records. Unfortunately, this story comes with a calamitous end as Aleix sadly passed away in 2006...

Are you MAD In Belgrade?

MAD cover There are only two weeks left before we all go MAD! The wildest event that has ever happened in Belgrade will take the place at the park in front of The Museum Of Contemporary Art on May 24-25th. 48 hours of unstoppable MADness, rabbits, monkeys, deers and bears dancing around, more than 100 artists on four stages and boat parties on the Sava river. Can you handle that animal in you? Don’t, but at least try to bypass delphin mode.

Interview with Douglas Greed

DouglasGreed_header Mario Willms aka Douglas Greed is coming from Jena, East Germany, the city where he spent many mornings in the club ''Kassablanca'' as a DJ, Promoter, or beer taster. Back in the day he was digging into Hip Hop and Drum & Bass sounds, but then he decided to make a fresh start under new moniker and soon after became one of the main artists at Freude Am Tanznen squad. In between you could hear him on labels such as International DeeJay Gigolo Records or Cocoon or see him play live with his buddies in crime Fabian Kuss and Michael Nagler. He took control of the last 60 mintues on the radio last week with a splendor mix and now he is here for a chat. That's almost ten years after the birth of Douglas Greed and just a few days before the release of his new album called ''Driven'' that will be out on BPitch Control Records, one of the leading Berlin labels. I'm sure he is in a good mood, but let's check.

Deetron on fabric 76

FABRIC76-DEETRON-PACKSHOT After Maya Jane Coles and Move D, Swiss DJ mage and producer, Sam Geiser aka Deetron, joins the fabric mix series...  
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